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Clearing off the Dust

Hello all. I am here again to talk about nothing to anybody who will listen.

As I am starting a screen writing class this spring I will be posting my writing attempts and musings regularly here and on my writing tumblr ultradeadgirlwritingworld.

As an update on my personal life i am turning 21 years old in May and fresh out of yet another long term relationship ( aint that a kicker.)

Hopefully one of you will like what I think about 10 hours out of the day. 

Trucks, Cards and Gramophones

Title:Trucks,Cards and Gramophones
Rating: M
Pairing: Soul X Maka
Notes: This is for Marshofsleep and the rest of the GrigoriWings community. This is a multichap fic. I've decided its going to be in three parts with possible side stories or a coda. I dunno what I'm doing ( well actually I do but  didn't anticipate the fic being this big.
Summary: There's a lot to be said for taking your time in a relationship. Soul and Maka take the phrase "moving at a glacial pace"  to a whole new level. A Community College AU.

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Trucks, Cards and Gramophones

Chapter 1: Ace of Hearts
A soft knocking sounded through a quiet apartment.
The refrigerator buzzed and a TV played the news on mute. A teenage girl huffed and closed a large textbook, stuffing notes and post-its haphazardly inside.

Another knock this time a little louder.

"I'm coming Stein....just give me a second." the girl called out.

She set the book on a glass coffee table with a gentle thunk and straightened her DWMA Community College pullover and padded to the front door.
No one was actually sure what the DWMA stood for but then again the college had been in the small nevada desert town for as long as she could remember.

The door opened with a groan. She made a silent note to spray some WD-40 on it before she left for school the next morning.

A grey haired man in a white lab coat stared down at her. He gave her his familar crazy looking grin. One side of his mouth pushed up into an almost snarl. He had had an episode, a seizure of some kind when she was a child that damaged the nerves of his face.

He stared at her and rubbed his head.

"Come in Professor." She murmured.

"Maka you know you only have to call me professor when you see me at the school." He intoned calmly, closing the door behind himself.

This was an old conversation they often had since shed started at the community college when she was still in High school during the day.

"I know but it sticks sometimes." she said, smiling a little. She wasn't exactly happy that he was here when she could be studying or doing something more productive. He was her Godfather though, as well as her professor. Sometimes like now when her 'darling papa' was worried about her he was her councilor. It was stupid, but Maka felt that it would be rude to tell Stein to butt out. Which is precisely why her father asked him specifically to come and bother her every Friday afternoon.

Stein wandered into the living room eyeing her textbook and then shoving his hands in his pockets. "How have you been Maka?"

She sighed heavily, fighting the urge to groan in annoyance. "Tell papa I don't need a keeper. She grumbled.
"I'm 19 years old. Just because I don't get out a lot doesn't mean I'm here wasting away!"

He watched her, eyebrow raised as if she was giving a rather poor presentation in class.

Maka suddenly felt as if she were 6 years old again and throwing a tantrum in the middle of the shopping mall.

"Fine" she huffed. Dropping petulantly onto a large floor cushion and squniching around to get comfortable.

"Lets talk about feelings and stuff." She grumbled twisting one pigtail around her pointer finger

He snorted and muttered something under his breath about petulant teenagers.

She rolled her eyes and smiled a little. She knew he loved her as his own.

"So Maka, Do you have any plans to go out later this evening?" Stein asked not unkindly.

"Other than maybe a trip to the grocery store or the library not really. I have studying and housework to catch up on." she said. It was the truth and she didn't think there was anything wrong with that plan.
.....Ok so maybe it sounded a little lame out in the open......being introverted is perfectly acceptable last time she checked.

"Maka when's the last time you got out and did something like see a movie or talk to people that aren't asking to borrow your pencil or  competing with you for the deans list?" Stein asked, watching her face carefully.

"Dunno...a while.....maybe a few months." She said.

"Tsubaki and Black*Star have been busy with their own lives and a lot of my other high school friends have moved away so I'm on my own a lot. I like it that way .....most of the time." She mumbled the last part into the back of  hand as she rubbed her mouth. A habit she'd had since childhood when she was forced to admit something she really didn't want to.

"How have you been feeling overall.....since you moved across town."

What he really meant to say was the day she turned eighteen and moved out of her fathers house in the middle of the night with the help of "The Great Ninja" Black* Star, his helper Tsubaki,Havar, and Hiro her sort of boyfriend-person-she tolerated-somewhat. They took all of her stuff to the apartment she had now. cramming and dropping it haphazardly in the bedrooms and living rooms. In the end it only took four trips with all of them. Maka was very grateful for their help.

"I cook and clean and pay the bills just like i did when I lived with Papa. The only difference is that now I have to support myself." She grumbled.

Stein sighed. "Maka your father is worried that you are still taking your mothers  swift departure too hard and that moving away from home the way you di-

"If he didn't like it then why didn't he try to change and clean up his act instead of embarrassing me for three years?" She fairly growled. This was another rather tiresome conversation shed had with Stein.

"Maka your father is worried that your're going to become a shut in your whole life if you don't start getting out more now."

"I'm not a shut in. I like doing quiet things! I like books and studying and listening to the TV-

Stein glanced over to the still muted television.

Maka felt even guiltier. Dammit.

"Maka if you have something you want to talk about you know I'm always ready to listen and try to help you. Or I can find someone else if it makes you more comfortable." His demeanor was warm but she knew that she would have to give in soon and at least bullshit something. It really wasn't any of his business to be here in her face.... even though he really wasn't in her face.....and he was worried about her......she knew how insistent and annoying her father could be at times.

" I'm ok Stein,seriously just let it go." She sighed then paused. The refrigerator hummed in the kitchen, a sound like a bee in a jar. Then everything went quiet again. They stared at one another for what felt like hours. Almost like they were waiting each-other out. Maka however had her mothers strong will. Stein finally moved and rubbed the side of his head again sighing.

"If it makes you feel any better I'll leave my headphones at home when i go out to do the shopping." She asked tilting her head to create the submissive little girl lost look that appealed to Stein in cases like this.

Whoever said Maka Albarn didn't have a manipulative bone in her body had never really paid attention.

"I guess its a start. I would like you to be more honest with me about how things are going with you, but as you've already reminded me you are an adult. He gave her one of his wry smiles. It was a little less harrowing than the one he gave her at the front door.

"Would you like some tea, Professor?" She asked standing up and heading toward the kitchen to get herself a drink.

"No its fine Maka. Marie is expecting me home soon anyway. I'll be dropping  by same time next week to talk again. I hope you have a good weekend. Try to be a little social for my peace of mind?"

"I'll try." Her voice bounced off the kitchen tiles and into the living room. She wandered out of the kitchen with a mug. He stood heading for the door. She opened the door for him as he patter her head as he used to do when she was a child. She rolled her eyes and mumbled a small 'goodbye' at his retreating back.
She felt bad for lying but ...people. Besides it was Friday and she could do what she wanted. Maka picked up her keys keys her wallet and her  Mp3 player, with her headphones wraped securely around it. She headed out into the cool January air. In the desert it got cold as soon as the sun started to set....its great drooling mouth gaping like a cavern. She got into the truck and drove to the grocery store. She wore her headphones and her hood for the ultimate 'please don't talk to me' message. It was, in her opinion, super effective. After checking out through self checkout and storing her grocery bags in the truck  she wandered over to the nearby used bookstore. She browsed until the ice cream in her car was in danger of melting completely. She dragged her spoils back to the car eager to eat dinner and devour words laying snug in her bed.

Authors Notes: So Maka is a bit of a loner. Shes a college kid supposed to be out partying and stuff ...only shes an introvert .....and she kind of maybe hates people? This is only part one folks so please stay tuned over the weekend for the rest of the fic. ( I know you guys wanted pron and its coming so just be patient with me. The slow build is everything ~<3

Coming Soon: Ren Fest AU

>> Storyline bits In no particular order<<
+ Gerard draws Mikey and drops sketchbook(?)
Frank finds it sees the mikeyway sketches and flips shit because OMFGBBQ he found Mikeys big bro/ thinks " This is a weird coincidence"
+ Patrick Stump and Patrick Stump's adorable trucker hat are somehow involved.
+Also Fall Out Boy
+Crossdressing Shenanagans ....mostly Gerard......Oh my god who am I kidding its ALL Gerard. 
+Wherein Bert is NOT the villan/antihero but he and gerard did date at one point.
+Bert is a fortuneteller/tarotcard reader .....Because I say so.
+Gerard and Bert aren't friends anymore :(
+Frank is in a band ( of fucking course)
+ Gerard works in the bird show kennels with the vultures.
+ Gabe Saporta is a spanish guitar player. He sometimes takes pity on girl!gerard at the bonfire dances so creep strangers don't find out his big 'sekrit.'
+Gerard ran away from home to  get away from school/pressure/join the ren-fest
+At some point Frank jacks gee off in his girl clothes.

So theres that. Um. Yup. Its not gong to be up for a bit but i thought i'd clue you guys into it at some point.

Let Us Sing A Golden Afternoon

Title: Let Us Sing A Golden Afternoon ( or The one where Frank is a sexually frustrated closet bookworm)
Pairings: Frank X Gerard (The others shall be surprises because I can.)
Rating: R

All in a golden afternoon- Alice in wonderland track
The virgin Suicides CD,
Pride and Prejudice soundtrack.
Oceania CD.
Sophomore slump By Fall Out Boy.
New perspective by patd.
Earth by Imogen Heap.
Navagate me by Cute Is What We Aim For
Moondance by Van Morrison

>Based off The Green man fairytale
> Frank is a sexually frustrated closet bookworm. He goes to parties sometimes and tries to hook up just to get rid of the fucking choked feeling in the back of his throat that he needs to kiss someone or hes going to just..... explode or choke. He tries but no one seems willing to get to first base with a tiny,  shy, slightly chubby kid like him.

Frank really despised days like this. Days like these were especially hard. hes stuck in high school (a fucking junior ) sitting in class day after day doing his work paying attention in school being respectful of the nuns etc.

He Just really wants to go out this weekend to see a show or go to a party. Hes walking down a back hallway planning his weekend and sort of daydreaming about kissing someone ( just anyone really) and minding his own business. Then somebody grabs him by the back of his blazer. He kind of gets it. Hes short and chubby and he keeps to himself (its like he painted a target on his ass. ) He really just doens't get why it has to be today of all days.
Then these fucking assholes have to jump him during free period. He was heading to library. He just wanted get a extension on a book for goodness sake. They shred the library book (of fucking course) an oldish copy of fables and original fairy tales frank had found in a dusty corner of the library. Frank had really liked it too.

They knock him around a bit pushing him and throwing him into walls. The dulcet tones of a nuns tapping footsteps ring through the forgotten corridor they dragged Frank into. Of course his attackers take off running leaving frank in a heap on the floor of the hallway. The nun sighs and hauls him up by his arm.
"Again Frank? How did you manage your injuries this time? A fall from the rafters? A pack of mysterious wild animals?"

Frank sighed heavily but kept firm in his mindset of 'snitches get stitches'

"I was ....uh running to the library and I tripped. On my face. Yeah...."

The nun stared at him for a click, her rather wrinkly claw grasping his wrist tightly. She sighed heavily. All right Frank. That's fine. Try not to trip again on your way to the library.

She turns and toddles away in her sensible old lady shoes.
Frank sighs and picks up his poor abused book from the ground. The librarian is going to be peeved when he brings it into her like this. He'll have to take it home and fix it in the hope that she'll just let him pay the late fee.

He's skipping advisory period then. Its not much use if he can't get any work done anyway. Maybe his doctor would write him a note?

Frank wanders outside past the gabbing hall monitors and a pair of rather dubious looking nuns that looked a lot like Pete and Patrick.
Whatever. Frank needs to go home and take a nap if hes hallucinating that badly.

Then frank remembers that His moms stitch n' bitch circle is meeting there tonight and Frank was asked/told to stay out until 9. Normally that would be an awesome time to catch the bus and go to the public library downtown but today frank doesn't have it in him.

Hanging around the front of the school isn't a good idea bullies or ancient flying nuns might catch him off guard and twice in one day seems like the limit on franks Bullshitometer. 
He sidles down to the side of the building picking his way down the rocky path until he's standing in the cool shade of a large pine that hung over a pair of ancient decrepit vending machines. He fishes for quarters in the bottom of his messenger bag and feeds them into one of the machines praying to the refreshment gods for mercy.

To his relief a Big Red comes clunking from places unknown and into his waiting hand. He pops the top and drinks it in large gulps fingers stretching upwards to tangle with a low hanging bough of the pine.
He finishes his drink and throws the can into the trash in defiance of all the other cans laying like dead fish around the base of the pine.
He frowns and carefully picks them up as well muttering to himself almost jovially about how assholes and litterbugs.

He sighs when hes done knowing that he did his 'good deed' for the day and how those never seem to go unpunished. He kind of hates this place but not enough to leave it looking like the mess he found it in. Its time to get a move on wherever hes going staying in one place probably won't bring him any favors. Frank shoulders his bag and ambles toward the back of school remembering that no one really went back there often. With any luck he could find a shortcut out of school property without having to walk a million miles or wait for the bus.
 At the very least he might gain a cool hangout.....or fall into a creek and die. He needed to work on his inner optimism.

Frank treks on shrugging out of his uniform jacket and stuffing it into his bag cursing its stupid regulation cuffs and the fact that his mom had to alter the back and shoulders to make it fit him properly.

The place was pretty deserted except for an old sagging sign almost choked completely by weeds proclaiming the land to be private property. Judging by the look of the landlines Frank didn't think they enforced that very often. Now all he had to do was find a break in the tree/bush/ green things sprouting from the ground line that seemed to surround this "Private Property".

Eventually he does wiping the sweat from his face using his shirttails and grimacing at the not quite grey color it left behind.
A shower, possibly a full on bubble bath was in order when he got home.
He ducked a little to avoid branches  that seemed to be prevalent on the short path to the other side of the property line. He squinted up at the sun trying to gauge time without having to dig his cellphone  out of the bottom of his bag where he hid it from previously mentioned nuns and bullies.

Still hot and bright as fuck. Yep. Hes got time.
Frank carefully observes the makeshift road hes come upon. Faint tire tracks suggest at least some recent activity but they could have been left over from the rain the area got last month. grass grew unimpeded all over the soft chalky road that might have once been gravel. Frank wanders over to the other side to investigate. Listening for any signs of activity and/or people who would shoot him for being on their land. 

Nothing. And there was a steep drop and a rather wide trench like thing on the other side of the road. It was possible for Frank to get down there. Just not in his school clothes. His mom would murder him if he ruined any of the uniforms she so painstakingly tailored to fit him. So with that he wandered down the road, keeping close to the side he'd come from in case someone came around and he had to make a getaway. You could never be too careful.....though to be fair trespassing on private property wasn't exactly 'being careful"

Frank ambled listening to nature sounds and the sound of his own footsteps on the road, almost but not quite soundless.

His mind wandered aimlessly he wished he'd had someone to come out here with but Dewes and Jamia both went to the same public school on the other sign of town. He hated being stuck here. All frank wanted in life was to go to public school, go out to shows on the weekend, and maybe finally find someone to kiss him jfc was it too hard to ask. He absently rubbed his throat where that almost choking feeling seemed to bloom from whenever he was this ticked off and 'frustrated'.

He was annoyed with himself already and this wasn't helping. He tried to clear his thoughts. He glanced at his surroundings. noting the trees and how green and health they seemed to be ....especially this time of year. Though the path looked disused there was quite a lot of trash and other junk lying in and on the side of the road. piles of wood interspersed with what appeared to be fabric of some kind lay under low lying bushes and plants. it looked like some of the junk had been there for decades. Frank frowned and grumbled to himself. Why did people have to be such assholes when it came to cleaning up after themselves.

Frank walked for what seemed like a while counting power line poles for some sort of directional focus. on number 8. His shirt was sticking to his back and chest. Now might be a good time to try and find some shade. He stopped, glancing around for some kind of slope or a way to get down into the trees.  but the sound of his footsteps didn't . Or rather some one else s.
This was obviously franks queue to quietly freak the fuck out and duck into the nearest stand of bushes for cover.

unfortunately  in franks mental wanderings between power lines his feet had wandered too. to the other side of the road closer to the woods and the drop off of fucking course. frank cringes as he hears the footsteps grow louder around the bend. He swivels toward a promising stand of thick tall unnameable plants that bear a close resemblance to poison ivy.   He pushes his way into the plants chucks skidding on old wood and random debris. he  crouch's low and try's to stay quiet and keep his feet from slipping.
The Sound of footsteps comes nearer but frank can't see anything he nudges backward just a little farther ...just in case. The wood shifts and slides making the scrub above him tremble. Still no sign of another person and frank starts to sweat a little more. This was totally a bad idea. They're probably going to call the cops on him. He cringes just thinking about his mothers reaction and edges even further back but oh theres that good deed punishment because something is stuck in his foot and it feels like a rusty nail. Frank yells with the sudden pain gasping for breath and of fucking course loosing his footing and fallingslippingsliding backward into the miniature ravine behind him.

Three things happen at once the nail comes out of franks foot and less importantly his shoe. His rapid decent backward is halted by a grouping of branches from a tree frank was pretty sure was nowhere near him and a strand of ivy, previously crawling its way across the ground suddenly wraps ..no twines its way around his ankle and foot.

Frank is beyond freaked out now. Something must have been very wrong with that can of Big red from earlier. He tries not to scream anymore. Its hard though when plants seem to come alive tugging off his shoe and wrapping their seemingly sentient leaves around your injured foot.

Though its not very manly to admit it....he might have whimpered a little. The plants almost seem to caress his abused foot twining gently around him the leaves press against his injury and come away stained with blood. Frank groans helplessly.

The tree that stopped his fall moved AGAIN . Branches twining about him almost like a hug. Shusshing sounds echoing off the inside of his brain and ricocheting out of his ears.

The two branches become suddenly pliant kind of like human arms  and not as big his back melts into a warm …chest ...or it feels like it. Franks eyes are closed. Frank really hopes he gets out of this alive. He hopes what/whoever is holding him isn’t going to kill him.

Something brushes his neck warm and soft and if it were different circumstances frank would totally really like that. Strong pale arms pick him up gently almost chidingly looping the ivy away from his foot and gliding through the brush s if it just swept itself aside.
The pale arms that carried him had long tapered fingers and shapely wrists (almost like a woman's but too squarish to be anything but a mans.....or something that was going to take frank back to its lair to eat him.

Frank began to struggle knowing that it was probably hopeless he'd never get out of here alive with the giant fucking hole that currently burned on the sole of his foot. He was placed on the ground one the edge of the road almost reverently.

The very air around him seemed charged. The wind rushed pulling another shushing sound from the trees. Frank edged up oh his elbows trying to catch sight of whateverwhoever- Then he was just there Shaggy messy black hair with roots tinged a greenish grey blue color.Crouching on the ground in front of frank. Long tapered hands peeling off franks now holy and very bloody sock. ' Hes going to eat me' frank thought and hoped like hell the dude/thing would have mercy because he obviously wasn't completely human.

Dark eyes flickered up at franks face from behind shaggy hair and oh yeah definitely a dude. He was still handling franks foot delicately like he wasn't about to eat Frank. " Oh god he was going to start at the foot and work his way u-
" Please!....please if your going to eat me kill me fir-
The guy licked his foot. Licked it. Then licked it again. Right where pain seemed to stab frank all the way from his toes to his thigh. He laved at the wound like a cat. Frank quickly decided was he was dead and this was the afterlife. He dropped his elbows and tried to stay still lest the guy decided that he tasted good enough to eat.

"I promise i don't taste good. Gross yucky teenage boy like me wouldn't you prefer a nice salad or lettuce wrap?" The guy looked up at him and stopped licking and laughed. A high honking laugh that was simultaneously creepy as hell and ...endearing. 

" I assure you that you are the most delicious person I've ever  had the right to be Verheiratet to.......well the only but still. I'm not going to eat you silly human. " He punctuated this with a smile flashing tiny white teeth and dimples.

Frank gulped. Okay. This guy was crazy and/or supernatural. He hoped only one or the other and not both. Today seemed to be a running track record for shitty stuff to happen so frank wasn't going to hold his breath.

At least his foot didn't hurt as much now. The pain was almost completely gone. The shaggy head bent again and oh geez this was awkward and it kind of felt good now. Really good. Like better than before. 

I .......uh you can s-stop now ...okay. The guy/creature/supernatural being stopped again flicking hair out of his eyes to stare at frank. 
" I'm almost done healing you. Just be quiet and sit still. You came close to scraping the bone." He sighed breath ghosting across franks foot and began licking franks foot yet again. The warm tingling makingitallbetter feeling traveled all the way up to franks gut where it sank into his skin and-

There I'm done now. He slid franks now holy bloody sock back on and produced his shoe from the depths of the brush here it had landed. or rather ivy slithered out onto the path and brought it to him.

The man made a thank you gesture to the ivy as it sulked back to the undergrowth.

Frank stared as the guy put his shoe back on and .....glanced at the other shoe as if to observe how to tie it. frank edged up slowly so as not to startle him.
" I got it dude ....."

The guy stared intently as franks shaking fingers tied his laces frank watched him for any sign of movement.

He finished watching the guy stare at his shoe and then at his bruised knuckles.

"Uh ........uhm .......whats your name?"
The guy colored a little. "Oh.....you mean you don't.....wh- Gerard. My name is Gerard. I am the forest and the trees, the river and the stream."

The trees shifted around him in what frank guessed was acquiescence.
You humans might call us-well me a "Green-man"

Frank stared and stared some more. He'd just read that legend in the now battered book of tales sitting at the bottom of his bag.

" You don't-"
" I do..I know"
" Oh well that makes this a little easier."

Frank looked at him dubiously.
"How so?"
" Well at least you no longer think I'm going to eat you."
'The jury is still out on that one frank thought to himself the same time
" Sure." came spilling out of his mouth.

Gerard popped a questioning eyebrow at him.
" You don't believe me do you?"
 Frank slowly shook his head.
 Gerard sighed heavily and rubbed a hand over his face.

"Look this is probably going to sound really strange judging from your reaction and circumstances being what they are I might as well explain things to you. "

He had bags under his eyes giving him a hollow aged and endlessly tired look. His nose was rather feminine and slightly upturned. Frank thought he was kind of ..ok..really a lot 'pretty' when he wasn't trying to devour him from the feet up.

" I'm a forest spirit. I speak for the trees and everything that lives around here. A long time ago, probably a few decades by the looks of your clothing a big part of my forest got cut down and mangled into whatever is over there."

Gerard eyed the general direction of franks school with a thoroughly pissed off gaze.
" I was fine being by myself and having such a large healthy forest to protect but humans came in and started....started ruining everything. I got weak. Too weak to try and hold them off or even discourage them from doing it. So I went dormant for a while. It seems you and your blood were enough to wake me up."

"Thanks for that by the way. I haven't felt this alive in years. Your name is Frank right?"
" How did you-"
" Your blood told me. Thrummed up through your bones and all that."

Frank was beyond just staring and trying to take it all in. At this point he was trying to freak the fuck out or ask too many questions.

"You said ....something about 'Verheiratet' "the word tasted funny in Franks mouth but he knew it was probably important.

" Oh well um.......yes. That. Its- It means I'm bound to you ...and your bound to me. Once your blood hit the ground....its kind of like sealing a contract. ......well a contract that pulled me out of the dormancy and allowed me to heal you."

"Speaking of which what the hell is all of this junk doing in my woods? Did you put it there? Of course not you've never even been here before have you?"

Frank slowly shook his head.
" No! I woulden-no I wouldn't do shit like this its bad for the-" Frank coughed and colored a little.
Gerard  was smiling shyly and tilting his head.

" You'll do. This won't be so bad after all."
" What won't-wha?

" Well your bound to me as i to you. You are essentially my human."
" What is that supposed to mean I don't belong to any-"
" It means that i am charged with protecting you from anything or anyone that tries to harm you and you ....you are charged with ....well helping me fix and get rid of all the junk  the other humans around here."
Gerard went on heedlessly.
" Normally the Verheiratet is with a human woman or if your really lucky a nymph. Apparently a human boy will do just as well. You are a virgin right?

 Frank colored heavily and looked away.
Gerards voice laughed at him as he spoke
"Humans. I'll never get why you all get so shy about something so natural."

Frank narrowed his eyes at Gerard and crossed his arms.
" Oh don't be such a seedling ." He stage whispered the next part. "I haven't seeded in almost a hundred and thirty years. But don't tell the trees that. They tend to gossip when they think I can't hear them."

Frank smiled a little. For a crazy weird 'Green Man" this guy wasn't so bad. But still he didn't know if he like the idea of this bond-thing. This spelled trouble with a capital 'T' and that was something Frank really didn't need in his junior year of high school. It would also be a pain if someone found out about it.

Apparently Gerard is also a mind reader because the next words out of his mouth are:
" I'm sorry you don't like it but we don't really have a choice. Once I have you blood we're stuck. I'll try to be a good host and everything. Its not like I'd  try to trap you here forever......."
" I promise to take good care of you." He almost muttered.

Frank sighed and scrubbed at his eyes. Seriously why was this his life?

So your saying I can go home tonight as long as I promise to come back tomorrow -or however long it takes to clean up?

Of all the things frank was expecting Gerard to say." As long as i can come with you." was not one of them.

" You know that's kind of going into the creepy stalker area right?" Frank eyed him with a little annoyance.

Gerard looked taken aback and then a little sad. "I suppose it is.......then ...yes as long as you come back tomorrow."

Frank huffed. He didn't have to look so downtrodden and sad.

Frank tried to turn around and just go. Possibly without ever coming back if he could swing it. Though comic book lore told him that trying anything of that sort was always a bad idea.

He couldn't get Gerard's sad face out of his head.  He turned to risk another look. Gerard was still there making that same face. Frank must be a sucker because he almost couldn't help the next words out of his mouth:

"Oh my god just stop making that face. Geez just follow me or whatever."
Frank was all ready making plans as to how he was going to sneak Gerard past his mother when Gerard simply vanished.

Footsteps imprinted in the road as he seemed to walk ahead. The wind whispered in his ear surprisingly sounding like gerard.

"Is this ok?"
" Uh its kind of creepy......."
"Oh...." Gerard faded into view looking a little sheepish.

Frank looked at his clothes. Shadowy greenish black nothing was really defined or solid echos of human clothing flickered and then simply ceased to be. It was strange but sort of captivating.....like a lava lamp.
" Just uh.......stay visible or whatever but uh......could you change your ...clothes......and some shoes. Shoes would be nice.

" Gerard grumbled and shifted his shoulders muttering something that suspiciously sounded like. " I hate shoes."
Color bleached the shadows and settled on white. Black dress pants wrapped themselves around slightly curving thighs. Chucks resembling franks laced themselves around his feet. There seemed to be a faint shadowy outline of ivy pattered in Gerard's pants and shirt but Frank was almost positive no one would notice much.

Gerard looked slightly put upon.
" Good?"
"Its fine." Frank muttered brushing past him and snagging him by the elbow.

" Okay if we go out of the forest there are some rules."
Number one: Do not under any circumstances tell anyone what you are."
" Well of course....why would anyone need to know except for you?"
Frank sighed and slapped his forehead.
" Number two: stick with me. Don't go anywhere without telling me. I've got to keep track of you at all times so no one gets......lost or hurt."
Number three when you see my mom you tell her that your a new kid at school from Europe.....or something.
Number four: "None of that  licking stuff in public. I don't care what the circumstances are. Don't do it."
"You humans and your issues."
Number five: " Don't refer to me or any other person as 'human' while we're in public."
"Got it?"
" Yes......Frank. "
Frank sighed and continued walking, silently counting power lines until he reached the gap in the treeline. He cautiously dragged Gerard behind him checking to see if the coast was clear.

Not a soul in sight. Frank sighed for the ten millionth time that day and began the trek to the bus stop dragging Gerard by the elbow up the path he'd come.

They stopped at the vending machines for a soda for the ride home. Frank let Gerard choose since A-he'd never had one B- he was curious as to what Gerard would think of the machine.
He watched as Gerard's face as he fed quarters into the machine and felt him jump when the machinery began to crank and rattle.
while Gerard was still stunned into a sort of frozen trance frank grabbed the can out of the dispenser and touched the low hanging bough in his customary manner.The rough bark soothing and familiar to his fingers. 
Gerard whirled around and stared at him.
" Wha-oh is that like-"
"- Its like....kind of like ....... your pinching my rear end as I pass by."
"Oh ......well. Alright then....I'll try not to do it anymore." Frank is kind of embarrassed now.....considering how often he fiddles with the greenery surrounding the school and his house.
" No-don't...its fine......just surprising is all. " Gerard murmured turning the soda can around in his hands curiously before drinking it. He wrinkled his nose at the taste. Frank secretly thought it was kind of adorable.

"So ....this tree is part of you....?" Frank asked curiously.
" Yes... it is. I go for miles around this human city. What you were in today was the heart... the center of me"
Gerard seemed to have a thousand yard stare. Frank could swear he saw flickers of leaves and branches in them before Gerard blinked.

Frank just stared and shook his head. This guy.
 He tugged Gerard along up the path and onto the quad. It was deserted. School had all ready been out for a while judging by the lack of cars in the faculty parking lot.
The clock above the main entrance proclaimed it to be 5:47

They had to make it to the bus stop in 6 minutes if they wanted to not wait another 30 minutes.

Gerard was taller than frank and of course had longer strides. Frank had to jog to keep up with him until Gerard noticed and slowed a little.

" You are kind of small for a human man hmm?"
" Shut up. Not everyone can be jolly green giants like yourself.." Frank growled.
Gerard laughed and rubbed his thumb on the inside of Franks arm.

"Don't get your branches in a tangle Frank I was just wondering." Gerard looked at him from over huge girly sunglasses slumped on his nose. They seemed to have appeared out of thin air.

"I'm seventeen and yes I'm shorter than a lot of people. I was sick as a kid and being small kind of runs in my family. Also rule number  6 None of that weird treespeak..its weird. "

Gerard nodded absently eyes staring wide at the buildings, paved roads and signs as they passed.
They made it to the bus stop in time and climbed on. Frank flashed his pass and paid for Gerard. Gerard was kind of distracted and looked kind of pissy if frank was being honest with himself.

Frank dragged him by his elbow to the back of the bus where they sat silently and not speaking.  Until the bus came to franks stop. He dragged Gerard off the bus and thanked the driver.
They trekked into franks neighborhood following the familiar path frank could and probably had walked in his sleep. He grazed his hands across a sickly looking magnolia tree on the path Gerard shuddered and continued walking. Eventually they arrived outside of Franks home. The sewing circle session seemed to still be in full swing. Frank could probably sneak in through the back door and drag Gerard up the stairs without being noticed at all.

They managed to do just that. The only hiccup being Gerard's infernal curiosity. The idiot wanted to stop and look at every little thing. Frank had ended up just draging him upstairs and only letting go when they got to the second floor landing.

Frank sighed gratefully as he walked into his room dropping his bag in its customary place by his computer desk. He yanked off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. He threw them both in the laundry hamper and fell face first into bed.

"It's so good to be home. I'm never leaving again. Home school is the only way to go."

The bed dipped as gerard sat on the edge of it. Frank was a little startled when Gerard started rubbing his legs but not exactly surprised.

"Mgggmmhh Feels good." Frank groaned.
" I'm glad." Murmured Gerard. Frank could almost feel the smile in his voice.

After a while when frank was almost asleep Gerard rolled him over and gently took off his shoes for him. The good healing feeling from before had returned and sat in Franks skin humming pleasantly.

"So good." Frank mumbled and shifted sleepily.
Gerard's cool tapered fingers wrapped around his own and pulled gently at his hand. Frank was so loose and pliant he just smiled up a little hazily in Gerard's general direction.

Soft pressure made Franks bruised knuckles tingle oddly but at least the pain had lessened. but Gerard was kissing his fingers softly, individually on every joint.  Frank would be lying to himself if he said it wasn't a nice feeling but staying awake was no longer an option. He let himself sink into the dark.
The next morning Frank woke up face down on his pillow. Thank goodness it was a Friday. Frank groaned a little and felt Gerard shift beside him.

Shit. Gerard. Binding contract. The licking thing. how did he even begin to sleep with this guy in his room last night.
Frank rolled his head to look over at his ......whatever Gerard was. He was awake and peeping out at Frank from a case of truly spectacular bedhead.

"Morning...." frank mumbled. Hoping his morning breath wasn't too bad.

"Yes Frank, it is indeed morning." Gerard's voice was gravely and sleepy.
Frank rolled his eyes and turned over on his stomach and groaned softly into his pillow. Why couldn't all of that been a dream?

Franks alarm clock chose that moment to go off. Frank nearly threw it across the room out of sheer pique.

He rolled out of bed and unbuckled his belt and dropping his pants rubbing distractedly at the lines where it had dug in in his sleep. He tugged off his shirt and wandered into the adjoined bathroom door before remembering that Gerard was there and had probably seen more of frank than he'd intended.
'Oh well maybe my pudgy ass will make him change his mind about the whole weird 'bound by blood' thing.
He grabbed a towel and stripped out of his boxers stepping into the tub carefully to avoid slipping like he seemed to every other morning.

Frank really attempted to continue his regularly scheduled programing. Washing behind his ears and scrubbing his hair. Normal things. Routine things. Things that did not include any magical persons whatsoever. His life felt kind of like a bad si-fi movie.

He'd finished everything else and it seemed his morning wood just wasn't going to go down by itself today.
Welp......he had time. he leaned an arm against the shower wall and slowly began to stroke himself from base to crown he shivered and his jaw dropped involuntarily. His imagination only fueled the need to get off. Shadowy outlines of someone pressed against his back lacing their fingers with his and mouthing at his neck and shoulder. The idea is so vivid he could almost feel it against his skin. His hips twitch and jerk toward his hand almost reflexively. It felt soso good he was so close he could taste it in the back of this throat. A sound behind him made him freeze. He really hoped it wasn't Gerard. Frank had had quite enough with the virgin and 'how small and bite sized you are' talk yesterday he didn't need any comments about his dick. He almost snorts aloud.

Frank turned. Through the shower curtain frank could see the outline of Gerard leaning against the wall.
"You called me. " Gerard murmurs almost indistinctly over the noise of the water.
" Get out." Frank hisses lowly suddenly kind of frustrated.
The shadow of Gerard disappears from its position without a sound.
Frank groans and finishes himself off with brutal efficiency that he kind of really hates.

Frank finishes getting ready and trundles downstairs with his bag. His mom is already gone for work. He eats his oatmeal  in silence and rinses the dishes in the sink.

He thinks absently of skipping but dismisses the idea almost immediately. Frank heads out the door and on the way to school fingertips grazing trunks of trees as hes passing just like every other morning before it since Frank started at Queen of Peace three years ago. Sometimes frank hated the monotony the routine of everything. But he wants to make his mom proud and maybe get into a good college.

Hes standing under the shade of a particularly large spruce when arms twine around him from behind and pull him backward.A mouth rests on his neck. Frank manfully resists the urge to shiver.

"I'm sorry Frank." Gerard murmurs lips brushing the sensitive side of franks neck and making his skin start to buzz.
" Its fine Ge-gerard. Just don-try not to do it again." Frank mentally gives himself a wedgie for stuttering but its hard considering how close and warm Gerard is. No ones hugged him like this in a long time. Now that he has it he almost wishes they could stay like this for a while. Not doing anything......just hugging.

Gerard murmurs unintelligibly on his neck and Frank twitches a little and mentally curses himself. Gerard slowly lets go so they can look at one another face to face.

" Is this ok?" Gerard asks sporting a blazer that looks like the one Franks wearing and a black tie imprinted with faint flower patterns. His pants are kind of tighter around the thighs than is strictly regulation.
" Uh ....well you might want to loose the pattern in the tie .....that might cause some attention especially if your seen with me."

Gerard tilts his head to the side "Why?"
" You'll see." Frank says as he pulls out a cigarette from the battered pack at the bottom of his bag. He sticks it in his mouth and lights it. Breathing in the smoke and exhaling gratefully.

Gerard makes an annoyed noise next to him but doesn't say anything as they walk to the corner. Frank finishes his cigarette and stubs it out in the ashtray someone glued to the trashcan ages ago.

They make it to school. Frank does his homework on the bus and muses that telling everyone Gerard is a foreign exchange student is a plausible excuse. Now was probably a good time to test that theory.
Frank is surprised to see Gerard split off from him once they enter the school grounds. Frank followed him glancing around for anyone that might follow him.
 "Gerard dude class starts in ten minutes we gotta-"
"I can't go in there Frank."
 Frowning at Frank as if it was obvious.
"I have to go back into my woods Frank. If I stay away from them too long I'll get even weaker."
He jammed his hands in his pockets as he said it, almost sulky.

"I get it dude. Go do your nature thing and I'll meet you back there as soon as I can get out of school."
Gerard smiles and walks away fading into the morning sunlight like a phantom.

Speaking of phantoms he probably needs to brush up on his Green-man lore. The thought interrupted by the five minute warning bell.  If hes not late to frigging Mass or some horrible shit that's likely to get him detention.
He gets through the day. Avoiding assholes and getting all of his homework done during free period. He turns it in at the front office and heads straight for Gerard.

Frank was almost jogging by the time he got to the break in the trees. He was relieved to finally be out of that place. So far he'd made it through the day without incident and now he had someone to hang out with after school. Even if said person happened to be what most people considered an old folk tale. 

Gerard met him at the break in the treeline all dimples and little nudges on Franks shoulder. He'd almost  made rank piss his pants appearing in front of him so suddenly that Frank made a high noise in the back of his throat.

Gerard too that as his cue to rib Frank endlessly about looking where he was going.
Frank fired back while stuffing his blazer in his satchel that maybe Gerard should practice his 'landings' or appearing and disappearing whatever forest spirits did

"So how was your day In human school?" Gerard asked looking slightly curious.

Frank was a little taken aback but rolled with it on principle.

" Fine I guess. How was your day playing Smoky Bear?"

Gerard looked at him a little oddly.

" You do realize I get that reference right? Same old, same old I suppose getting smaller and trashier just like ever other day."

There was a pregnant silence. Even the birds seemd to stop chirping for a few minutes.

' So much for that.' thought Frank as he loosened his tie while he walked. He pulled it over his head irritably finally glad to be rid of the thing. He began to unbutton his dress shirt when he felt the pricking sensation of Gerard's stare.

" What?"
" Are you planning to get completly naked in my forest?"
Gerard's eyes bored into him  all at once smiling and curious with a layer of something darker underneath.

 "No... Just trying to get out of my school clothes so I don't mess them up." Frank tried to looks nonchalant and ignore the looks Gerard seemed to be giving him. It probably wasn't working.
Frank striped out of his dress shirt and stuffed it into his bag leaving him in a white undershirt and his black school issue pants.

It was cooler at least without all of those goodness forsaken layers. 

Frank looked around as they walked mostly to avoid Gerard's eyes as well as trying to get some idea of what he was up against as far as how much stuff there was and how he was going to haul it out.

"So we need a plan as to how were going to do this .....thing. Any ideas here?" He asked Gerard as they rounded the bend in the road.

" I've told you all I can Frank." Gerard answered distractedly glancing around at the different plants and trees. 

" So is there some kid of curse of the Green Man  that i have to help you break where you aren't allowed to tell me or ....something?"  Frank asked curious at Gerard's apparent nonchalance.
" More like there are rules and guidelines about how the Verheiratet works. Tricks of the trade we wouldn't want just any human knowing. Also every human is different. They each deal with it in a different way......or so the stories I heard have said.

" Can I ask for your help?" Frank asked curiously.
Gerard stopped walking and stared at Frank like he was the biggest idiot on the face of the planet. He grabbed Frank by his arms fingers tight and constricting and jerked frank tward him.

" Do you honestly fucking think that I would allow this-This shit in my forest If I could touch it? Are you seriously that inept?  His voice low and angry. His eyes sparking and staring straight into Frank's.

Frank wrenched away and shuffled out of reach.
"Fuck you ass face I was just asking a question!"

" Well it wasen't a very good one. Gerard sneered. Hands on his hips.
Frank curled his lip a little in response.
" I don't have to do this! Helping you and your pathetic excuse for a forest from the litter bugs and assholes! This whole thing is weird and I don't fucking like it!

"Well I'm sorry but once you 'offered' blood the agreement was sealed. I colden't do anything about it even if I wanted to!" Gerards eyes flashed in anger. He looked ready to grab Frank and shake him.
Hell if Frank was going to let him get the chance .

" I didn't 'offer' anything! I stepped on that friggin nail by accdent because I heard you walking an thought I was going to get Caught!"
"Even if you tried to you coulden't yoiu would be drawn back here no matter how hard you tried to fight it. I'd be charged with trying to find you if you tried!"

"How the fuck does that even work!" Frank growled.

" It doesn't matter I don't know why but thats just how it works!" Gerard yelled edging toward Frank.

Frank slid back another few steps getting ready to run, even though Gerard could probably catch him before he could so much as yell for help.

 " Fuck man I was just trying to figure some shit out! Quit crawling down my throat!" Frank shifted from foot to foot, clenching his hands into fists untill it hurt.

" Use your common sense!" Gerard yelled, the trees shaking angrly and rainging leaves on both of them.

" What sense?" Frank sneered

"They don't exactly teach Rules and Regulations for Forest Spirits In Catholic school." He snarked glancing back from his trajectory to get the fuck out before something bad happend.

Gerard snorted and looked down. The anger seemed to leave him he sagged like a popped ballon the furious anger replaced with his usual placid expression.

Frank was still on guard though. That grabbing shit was not ok.

"I suppose .....I'll try to be a little more open to questions." Gerard said looking a little sheepish.

Frank nodded mutely tugging his fingers through his fauxhawk to try and stay cool even though it felt like sweat was pouring down his face. He wondered again at how this was his life. He must have some really bad karmic mojo for weird comic book Si-fi shit to be happening to him. He absently wondered how may other poor fuckers were stuck like this. Did they ever get out. He was kind of afraid to ask anymore questions at the moment.

> German is the language of trees.
> gee goes into the scool-think ponyo or bad 90s movie
>to protect frank
> bodily fluids give Gerard power or gerard is a cumslut
> Catholic school vs ancient green man
>little does frank know he will be the one to clean it up in a white undershirt and saggy jeans while Gerard watches 

Blood MCR sekret track AU

Gee is a vampire coperating in a sort of post apocolyptic/vampire world. while the other vampires are out pillaging, plundering and destroying captve/captured gerard works in a hospital as a blood donor. His blood is healing and rejuvenating in small amounts. He helps heal the victims of Bellville ( hes Bellville hospitals worst best kept secret.)
Hes not allowed to drink from any one in the hospital so he pulls a bunnicula and starts drinking the color from roses and tomatoes ( w/e he can get his hands on really )

the staff didn't exactly care about where he got his food as long as he didn't break the whole binding/agreement deal that he could roam the halls as long as he didn't u know *eat anybody*

Frank is a long time patient at the hospital he was in/out at first but a vamp attack combo with pneumonia forced him to stay in the hosptal where he meets gerard the pathetic excuse for a vampire. only he didn't know at first cause gee always visited at night when frank was loopy as hell from the drugs. 

Gerard is like *bootiful frank* and frank is all *mysterious dorky stranger that likes to talk about comic books and random shit*

Then gerard meets frank in the daytime cause the hospital doesn't have alot of windows anymore and frank is like fwafvdfkv VAMPIRE YOU FUUUUU- and the hospital staff is all SHUUUUUSSHHH bootiful frank.  Gee is all *whimperwhine* sorryfrankieijustwantedfriends *sobs tears of blood*

and frank is like fuuuuuu ......gdi stop crying your wasting valuble resources and gee just cries harder b/c what if thats all frank sees in him now TEARS ok cries. Gerard runs away and tries to hide in the record room Bob finds him and tells him hes being a dofus and oh look at this tiny cat i carry around in my pocket. Gee is happier after his manly pep talk with bob the cat toting doctor but hes ~afraid~ because he kind of has feels for frank more than friendly feels and is that even legal ok?

So gee stays away and sick! tired frank trawls the hallways at night with his trusty  IV stand frank looks and looks and finally finds him in the pediatrics ward talking to a little girl about power rangers and believing in yourself. Frank almost dies of cute.
The kidlet starts to fall asleep and gerard moseys out because he has no actual guard up while in the hospital. ( he got hurt and someone called him an ambulance without checking to see what he was. once he was inside it was too late to kick him out or the public would know and their rep would be ruined.)

frank wait for gerard and grabs his arm and gerard is all WTF snarlface and then whimperohhifrankpersonwhohatesme frank is startled but still holding on to gees wrist. frank is all i need to talk to you and stuff and gee is all apprehesive and ugh why did i try to make friends. this is awful hes going to tell me IDK but nothing goood and -

Frank is all gerard is kind of .....really pretty like......koff koff if he wasent so sick and wearing scrubbs hed attempt to tap that ....or at least take it out to dinner.

and gerard is kind of interested in the feeling frank just had because he can kind of smell it under sick frank smell and hes kind of like 0_o and ......allrighty then frank has the weirdest boners on walks back to his room. :|||

Once they get back to the room frank is all like sry i was an ass and yelled at you and stuff but you-gurgle-thats not the point but you could have told me.....or something.

Gerard peeps from under his hair. and kind of whispers from his perch on the cushy chair that he read franks casefile. Frank is all :||
and gee is like sry i am a horrible thing that is horrible....i'll just go-
Frank: Nooooooo nooo I was just kind of supriesd ....again......uh well......you never tried to hurt me or w/e so ...theres that.

Gerard is like well duh i can't drink from anyone here......
Frank is all ??
and gerard explains about the binding agreement and kind of mentions how he eats.
Frank is CURIOUS
all like what does it taste like
why, how ,where do the other do that? can i see.
Gerard is like NOPE. Nope. NoPe.
Frank is like Why.
Gerard kind of squrms around.
its because phermones and if your in the room you smell alot tastier than some roses or carnations or w/e .
frank is like o_0
gerard BS some i have control of myself but i don't want to chance it even a little bit like a tiny bit.
Frank asks I smell that good to you? Like an awsome veggie wrap or a cobb salad?
Gerard is like those are odd analogies bu-frank: VEGETARIAN. :\\\
gerard is like oh....so theres that .....yeah like that. But i don't want to objectfy you by seeing you as food so lets not ever talk about it again kk?
So they talk and are friends and have movie parties in franks room and its kind of special and amazing eventually gee lays in bed with frank on top of the covers. They get into eachothers space shoving and bickering then gerard is due for bi monthly drawing and hes so tired and hungry when its over hes stealing roses and apples from rooms left and right leaving little drawings in his wake as apalogy.

He rolls into franks room ontime just as he finishing taking the color from a boquet of roses. Frank is like
 and gerard is wiping his mouth and humming to himself nervously because he'd been hoping frank woldent care.
but he did oh boy he wanted to taste the red in gerards mouth ohgeezum did he.

Gerard is like mhmmm i can smell that you know all dazed out and still a little hungry.
franks brain is crying and hes all like CAUGHT. CAUGHT. he KNOWS.
frank is all head titly and  what smell? all fakey innocent
gerard rolls his eyes and frank is all
im not afraid of you you big pansy.
and gee is all well i could scare him ( you should be cue manical leer and a little bit of fang for show.)
Frank kind of pants a little hes kind of scared so his adrenilne is pumping but hes like really actually turned on.
all lemme see then your all talk and no......gerard shadowyslideys up into franks personal space and just barely scratch his skink with his teeth.....like a warning of don't push me even tho he cant/won't do it. He kisses franks neck and kind of nuzzles him. like shoosh stop having these feels cause its making me have feels. Frank is like nope. Lemme see you do it again wanna ....sigh of fustration wanna SEE. he mumbles baring his throat a little for gerard and gerard is like wheeze wheeze because frank is really trying to turn him on and its working ...like really alot. the throat baring move is kind of the vampire equivlant of spreading your legs and moaning. Gerard tamps down on his self control.

frank is like pretty please under lowered lashes and his mouth is open a litle and gerard is dead because that mouth and if gerard were still human hed be having wet dreams about that mouth.

gerard chews on his lip stealing little spashes of color wthout realising it. he pulls a flower  out of one of the many vases around franks room. (Mama iero is all about patient care and lub. )
He sidles up to franks bed all casual and sits down at the foot. his hair all hanging about and too long in is eyes. you have to promise to stay back and be completly still.

frank just kind of nods mesmerised and having no intention whatsoever he wants to taste for goodness sake.

Gerard starts sucking the color away from the rose. its kind of bland and watery.....like having leftover cassarole for dinner but food is food and Frank is leaning forward
abort ABORT stop now and now frank is yanking the rose away and kissing him all sweet and warm and really freaking delecous.

with tounge and gerard kind of melts a little insde. making tiny noises because its been a super duper long time since anyone kissed him like this and gdi hes going to savor it before he tells frank he can't but oh frank is just crawling in his lap like its w/e and getting all up in his grill. frank bites his lip and thats it gerard is done everyone else can go the fuck home because hes lost his ability to can.

slowly they disengage and frank is all *sigh*You taste amazing. and before he can stop himself gerard says " so do you" frank stiffes and gerard kind of nevous laughs then they both start to giggle and blugh boys.

frank acdentally a yawn and gerard is like you need sleep and rest so your body is better and- frank is like fmgglgr lay down with me. Wanna snuggle. Gerards poor vampire heart ok.

and gerard is like k and he lays sort of stiffly next to frank and frank is like cut that shit out. COME OVER here and grweoe genral sleepy grumpyness.

gerard wraps an arm around frank and is all subtly not sniffing him and nuzzling most defs not.
frank kind of sighs happly and plays with gerards fingers dragging them over his skin. he glances at gerard behind him and lifts his shirt to sneakly have gerard rub his belly while they both pretend to watch 13 ghosts. gerard kind of absently does and then almost freaks because franks skin ok. HIS SKIN is so soft and hes got hair on his stomanh and a happytrail fmfgrrr gerard can't resist that he just can't. frank kind of lazily rolls on his back to receve more belly rubs becuse gerards cold hands feel ohsofriggin good and gerard is lifting his shirt and kind of keening in the back of his throat because franks bird tattoos.
Frank just kind of sleeply smiles to himself because he knows he'll get his way with anything ...all hes got to do is show off his tatts. most of which gerards never seen because frank wears long sleve thermals under his scrubs and....yep. Gerard is totally licking his sparrows. Frank feels it in his BONES ok?
and he kind of makes a wordless hotthing sound.
and gerard is all sorry sorry i just can't -ugh control.
and frank is like. never apolagise for somthing that felt that good. guh.
Franks brain is mush and hes so sleepy so ....he kind of drifts off to gerard rubbing his belly and telling him how hot it is hes so covered in ink and
its morning and frank wakes up alone, pouting and sporting the strangest boner.
gerard is all watching from the shadows kind of sleepy now himself. and watches frank jerk off and mumble his name touching himself and pinching his own nipples. Frank is so hot hes like a hot thing. That is sick and human but hmfgner if gerard is not so secretly boning for him because frank just came all over his tattoos and gerard wants to possibly clean it up with his tongue just for the taste.

gerard also wants to blow frank so so so bad but he can't because putting out before the first date is wrong and HE HAS WORK to do if the first date is even going to happen.

He bothers bob the cat toting doctor about finagling one of the unused conference rooms for vampire shenanigans. Bob makes faces but he figures that with all of his help gerard aught to be paid in something other than leftover flower arrangements and stale apples.

So he wisperwhispers with Nurse Jamia and Doctor Lynz ( who are in lesbians with one another because I'm redic and i ship it b/c of Gerard the boy princess comic.) Nurse Jamia and Doctor Lynz (who backbends in between shifts to keep herself awake.)think its ok ...they always had a soft spot for Gerard anyhow bringing flowers from their garden ( which is kind of like candy for Gerard.) and comics they find at garage sales. Gerard loves them ok and he draws them and leaves the drawings around in Lynz's office which makes them stupid happy....they stick the drawings on the fridge ....some are even framed in the hallway. Anyhow

They dig out the Christmas twinkly lights and a few Halloween table decorations. Bob the cat toting doctor knows frank is a vegetarian so they get food delivered from a nice place in town and get organic red foods for gerard to try and then they send adorbs cheerful!Jamia to tell him to bring Frank to the second floor confrence room and OMFG gerard was not expecting this he is not ready wtf you guys- OMG i need to get frank this looks amazing.

So gerard drags frank upstairs through the elavator they hold hands the whole way cause its so QT and sigh

they walk into the room and frank is like

You did all this to get into my pants?
and gerard is like well ye-NO NO I didn't- thats not what its-glubglubglub
Gerard totally blames Bob and his tiny cat for all of this.

Frank giggles because he knows gerard by now and sigh hes just fun to mess with.

So they sit on the conference table and talk and eat and gerard never paid attention to frank eating before but guh his mouth and guh Gerard is a bad vampire having so many inappropriate thoughts while he himself is eating.

Jamia the sneaky lady she is played a CD over the intercom something instrumental that they could talk over. There is ~ambiance~ Then she and lynz go make out in Lynz's office untill shift change. ( maybe they let bob watch?)

frank is quietly having a foodgasam because this takeout is amazing and yeah hes totes being spoiled by gerard and he loves it. Hospital food is suck and full of gross stuff so this is like heaven after all the time hes been stuck in the hospital.

Gerard decides he loves watching frank eat. His MOUTH ok.

They evetually punk out and go back to franks room. Frank asks where gerard sleeps and he kind of shrugs.wherever i can find room and not be in the way. Idk i don't sleep alot cause its always dark here. they snuggle down with Gerard under the blankets they watch some random old cheesy horror movie and make comments and suddenly frank is all up i Gerards space and running his hands under Gerards shirt and nibbling on his neck and gerard just kind of falls apart because hes secretly easy and there is only so much he can take frank is very sneaky and trying to stick his hand down gerards pants exept gerard is faster and he rolls frank on his back so he can blow him and hold him down and its so hot frank has trouble breathing after it was over too fast.

>gerard is hungry and kind of nuzzling franks stomach he accdentally sucks a tiny splotch of color from one of franks tattoos and frank is like <3___<3 feels good man.

> gerard and frank find a loophole where gerard just needs permission to drink from the person so the contract agreement doesnt act up. They kind of stare at one another and frank kind of raises his arm in front of gerard and gerard is so into it but frank is still sick and NOPE. But the thought of it sends him into such a fit he kind of really wants to blow frank up against a window just to see the streetlights touch his pretty face.
> Gerard eventally needs to drink from frank because other vampires are trying to get int othe hospital and gerard needs to DEFEND his HOME GDI you guys gtfo.
Surprise its bert because i can make bert a villain if i want. He just looks like a good villan OK?
Gerard is like ..... Right in the feels bro. ;_____;
Bert is like missed me you pathetic thing? I killed your family and you didn't know. You were totes my bitch for six months. Come pillage and kill with me again im bored. Gerard is like lol nope I'm changed i don't do that shit anymore. Bert and his crew are like -__- orly well you smell like horny human dude.
Gerard is like....mumble mumble need to defend my home. ...mumble bert laughs and calls him pathetic and grabs him by the throat. Gerard kind of kicks out wealky at first then starts really fighting it. hes like GTFO you guys or i'll make you. and they just like r u srs. You are too pathetic to kill. So they leave and gerard is all banged up and he feels so pathetic and sad and frank must be so ashamed of him ;___:

frank is pround of his husbando thing for defending the hospital. No one died or anything so thats a good thing. But gerard dosen't come around often anymore and frank is sad and he gets sicker and gerard is sad and moody and closed off. it hurts frank and makes him sicker.

Bob has to give one of his speeches again and then gerard has to give frank some of his blood to replace what he lost but Gerard so tired after cause it was so so much and he lays in franks bed for days hardly moving. Frank is worried and getting better.

>somewhere way far away from here they meet FOB in their vampire verse. shenanagans ensue :]]]

Title: Renaissance Fair AU
Fandom: Bandom, MCR,
Pairings: Frand and Gerard, ( The others will kind of be a suprise?)

> Frank and Ray are in a band together. They sort of drive around the U.S. and do shows and stuff. When the drummer gets strep and the bassist breaks his leg( into like a bazillion places)  (This all happens in like the same week, how is this Frank and Rays life. ) They're kind of stuck in this little Podunk town near the hospital in Texas of all places IN THE EARLY SUMMER. Do the powers that be hate them or ?

They end up in a shitty little no name motel, but its cheap so w/e. The lobby smells like the walls are stuffed with moldy waffles. beds squeak every time someone moves and frank refuses to shower until Ray kills and cleans all of the spiders out of the bathroom. that shit is not ok  :[

Frank and Ray know Mikey from Jersey...they sort of know his older brother went missing a few years ago. Sometimes Frank ~wonders~

>Gerard ran away from Art school after Elna passed away. Unable to deal with his own grief and 'failures' he starts drinking a lot. First at home and then when his mom gets upset about all the bottles from the liquor cabinet are ...watery.. he starts going out to bars. Which is where he meets Bob .( Bob works as a bar hand in the 'off season' Gerard kind of drunkenly wonders what  that means and if Bob plays baseball or something. Bob is nice even it he looks grumpy and totally cuts Gerard off before he can gets blitzed off his face like he wants. He gets that Bobs trying to help tho. So Bob and Gee bust out of town one night when Gerard just 'can't' anymore. Its rainy and cold and gross outside and Gerard totally leaves a note on the fridge. ( that doesn't get noticed for like 3 days and then its Mikey alone skipping Chem. cause he hasn't sen his big bro for a few days and hes like -___-  stupid drunkface Gerard where r u. but then he sees the note and  ;_________;and it sort of breaks Mikey's heart a little. ;;____________;; he doesn't even say WHERE hes going and-)
About two days later Gerard during one of his more sober moments  finds out Bob plays drums in a Ren fair band( and sells sandal socks on the side. it is a very lucrative business  *pokerface*)

They drive South DEEP South and end up in Arkansas where the fair's annual meeting ground is. During the ~journey~ Gerard has his face kind of pressed against the window the almost the whole time. Mostly because hes detoxing and sleepy and he barfs like A LOT, Bob is like -________- don't get it on my car or I will maim you. Gerard inserts a snappy comeback between sticking his head out the window to barf and wiping his mouth with a grimy gas station napkin.

A lot of unfamiliar highway names and backwater motels later they actually GET to Arkansas. ( they almost didn't because Gerard had an altercation with a hotel mirror and his face. So hes kind of scraped and battered looking...not to mention hella tired and unhealthy. At least all of his baby fat pudge is gone.

So they get there tired and scraped up and kind of gross smelling. and Bob is like  'Welp ....this is home for the next 6 months. Take it or leave it. '
Gerard takes it because hes not an idiot (debatable) and he just detoxed over several hundred miles. With no one but Bob fucking Bryar for company.
A failure freak like him is bout to find work here...right?

>So Frank is his usual punkish self in these stories we write. His parents split pissed him off and made him sort of ........angryish. He plays gutiar and all that jazz from a young age. He sneaks out to go see shows. He tries to keep his grades up and nose clean in Catholic school.Because nuns are scary and he wants to be able to go out on the weekends OK? Hes trying to get a band together so he REALLY wants all the possible weekend time avalable for jamming and other such amazing things.
He finishes highschool and goes to Rutgers BUT DOES NOT HAVE TO LIKE IT OK....tho it makes his mom his mom so there's that. But busness school is so not him. He can't stand the stiff button down shirts and the stupid pattered ties and how everyone is all fakenice to eachorher. So after awhile he quits. His mom is upset but she kind of gets it after a while. for a while Frank just bounces around working all sorts of jobs. Telamraketing kitchen appliances,tire store, barkeep ( hes barely legal for this and gets so sick of the shitty tips and attudes of the patrons he kind of just quit after a few months.) a community library where he meets Mikeyway (about 6 months after Gerard ran off ) and fianlly a music store where he meets Ray Toro of the the Amazing Lava Lamp Hair. Who incdentally is an amazing gutarist like REALLY amazing. Frank and his bby Pansy kind of feel inadaquate like woah. (Somwhere along all that Pency Prep happend. It was awsome for a while and then ....bleh Frank dosen't want to talk about it. )

So one day at the music shop when there are like no customers and they're just kind of fucking around on gutairs Ray's like "Dude we should totes start a band together" and frank says something like "Are you on crack? Do you not see my sadface everytime I talk about how pency went down in flames?"
Ray is like kind of jokingly "pssshhh not everything is about you Frank I was-"
The Frank is like 'YOU ARE CORRECT SIR!'  A plus brains dude! and starts kind of jittering in place and PLOTTING.
Which always freaks Ray out because they've known eachother for a while now and Ray is fully aware of Franks evil alter ego. For srs.

So Frank plans and plots also he includes Mikeyway in this because Mikey works for Eyeball reccords and could beg his boss to throw Frank and Ray a bone. Ray just kind of frets and worries about Frank being such a hyper little shit around all of the instraments in his shop.

So the band HAPPENS and they get other people to join ( Vauge stuff goes here bleabae fill in later.)
And everyone is about to throw up because what if epic fail and BOOing?
But they are flawless.....ok maybe not a little rough around the edges and a little offbeat but its GREAT and the crowd is like \o/\o/\o/ because its kind of small and in a dive bar. But YES a band GOOD. Frank is so hyper and happy and YES.

So to make this backround a bit shorter we're gonna wrap this up: The band is great and they totes get a good following on the scene and they get to the point that they get signed ( With eyeball of course) and sort of think about doing small tours.
Small tours turn into driving in a van from here to kingdom come.Which leads us to the sick drummer and brokeleg bassist.


Writer's Block: Take me out

Have you ever gotten involved with a co-worker or classmate? How did it work out?

I am currently involved with a past classmate (he graduated HS )
we have been in a relationship for about a year and a half XD
Very much still in love and happy for the most part.
we are two very diffrent ppl coming from diffrent backrounds but it makes us closer because each day im with him is a new discoverey a new adventure.

The saltwater room

Title: The Salt Water Room

Fandom: Soul Eater

Pairing: Soul X Maka

Ages : 18ish….just because.

Rating: T

For: Certan thoughts of a certan Sythe.

Inspired by Owl citys saltwater room and alien ant farms glow.

If you don’t know theese songs , get educated.

I’m probbly going to post a fic for glow later …..it’s a lot more sugesstive.

I promise to fix “Smooth Criminal” …I looked at it again and saw how crappy it is.


Dedacated again to the coolest people ever  http://wodalzz.livejournal.com/   and  http://sleepmarshes.livejournal.com/  …..

Because they win in my book :)

Its kinda fluff…kinda not just me listening to music (not studying like I was supposed to)and getting attacked by a plot bunny.

This fic was inspired by my through lack of want to study for my finals which I just barely passed and to make sure I get my butt moving on the paper that’s due on the 9th. I hope you all enjoy this …..more to come in adventure and smut as well.

If there are any spelling mistakes tell me and I’ll reply and fix them as soon as I’m able.



"You can hear the waves in underwater caves, as if you actually were inside a saltwater room."

A laughing moon shone down on a seemingly endless expanse of ocean, giving it a pearly glow. A figure ; that of a young woman coasted on a burst of air over the endless blackness, barreling toward the glowing coast on what seemd to be a large scythe.

She leaened low aiming for an expanse of beach secluded by large grainte stones. She landed with a thump on hard packed sand almost tripping face first into the darkness.
A pale hand flashed out of the handle of the sythe grabbong her by the back of her skirt.
She balanced herself on booted feet,  straightning and  brushing the hand away impatently.

She looked behnd herself noticing the seemingly imoble weapon laying haphazarly in the sand.

"Hey soul, are you ok?" She asked brushing her skirt down absentmindedly as if talking to the cruel looking blade.
"Just peachy Maka." Mutterd a voice below her, seemingly echoing out of the mysterous flying weapon.

"Im sorry about the rough landing, Im a little tired right now i guess."
The sythe sighed "Dont worry about it."
The weapon benath her began to glow she hazardly stepped out of the way.
A boy stood in the place of where the weapon had been, hands jammed deep into the pockets of his hoodie

" Are you sure your ok ?" she  peered into the darkness questioningly.
"Im- fine quit bugging me." He mutterd quietly grabbing her hand as he passed.

She let him take her hand with out complaint,  it was natural for them anyway.

They trudged silently up the beach until they came to the sea wall squinting in the bright lights of the strand.
The young woman spotted a set of stairs leading up the high break wall, dragging him behind her.

"I feel warm with your hand in mine."

"You sure we can even get a room in this place its pretty late....."
"I know we’ll find someplace, I dont think either of us have any more energy to get to the next town if we wanted to."

He shrugged and let himself be led along the brightly lit sidewalks of Galvaston Texas.

She eyed the signs of hotels along the strand spotting a promising one that proclaimed service '24/7'…..’It would have to do she though bemusedly.’

"So whats the name of the game?' He asked alomst grimcing.
"Brother and sister?" he snorted "As if, more like ‘steps.....too weird......."
"Newly weds?" She asked, pausing a beat.
"It ll have to do." He mutterd wrapping an arm around her waist as she mussed her appereance. Popping the first three buttons on her shirt and loosening her tie. She did'nt have to work hard allready looking like shed been through a wild party and then some.

Now the fun begins she thought mentally schooling herself into a degrading image of ‘woman’.

She began to giggle and sway rather drunkenly, having perfected the immatation after watching Blair get home from her excusions on friday nights.

He rolled his eyes. thinking rather bemusedly that she was getting a little too convincing at this particular ruse.
He schooled his own features to that of someone who was going to get laid .'Bummer that you arent!" cackled the demon in his mind.
 He shushed the annoyance, focusing on the task at hand. opening the door rto a rather shabby lobby.

The pair enterd through squeaky metal doors. She sloppyly looped her arms around his neck squealing in a girly so not Maka voice "Oh Evan your soo niiice , and hadsome. " She blew him air kisses.
He tried not to laugh and plastered on a smirk down at her, she was so getting payback for this.

They made their way over to a clerks desk where the propritor was in the process of stuffing, what Soul quickly theorised-a dirty magizine under the table.

"What can do ya for folks?"
"Single bed one nights stay, late checkout tomorrow."
The man scribbled on a clipboard, glancing up at the pair. He asked their name soul gave him an alias per usual when they traveld abroad.
"You folks get hitched?" Eyeing Maka with an amused grin.
"Ye-yup to-days the biiiiggg day!" His meister sang out drunkely intrupting him.
She snuggled closer to him making girly more girly not-Maka noises.

The clerk looked at him dubiously, raising a graying eyebrow. 'You get her that boozed up purpose?"
"Eh... nah…Shes just a lightweight arent you angel face?”
He could almost feel the killing intent coming off of her in waves even with out the soul resonance.
Ohhh Pumpkin cheeks you know me sooo welll!" She giggled for empasis as he inwardly cringed.

She gave as good as she got that was for sure. He absently wonderd if there would be more retribution.
The desk clerk handed them a plastic key, eying Soul serously. "Have fun dont an try not ta break anything."

His meister held up three fingers “scouts honnor!!” She sang grinning slopply.

“Wrong hand sweet heart.” he mutterd.

The clerk gave him a thumbs up when maka snuggled into his jacket. He was suddenly reminded of his meisters misbehaving father.

He blanched at the thought as soon as he turned around half dragging his meister to the back door that led to the pool and the only working elavator. Their room was on the 3rd floor of this rathole and hell if he was going to climb anymore stairs.

His meister stopped leaning on him so heavly but she made a point to purposly step on his foot. He asumed it was for the ‘angelface’ comment.

They saw a flicker of light in a rather omnious unlit hallway. his meister dragged him forward to the flitting glow pressing on the craked plastic button in the shape of an arrow marked in faded sharpie as 'Up'.

The door gave a shudder and struggled to open a flicker ing orange light came to life, casting everything in its hue.

A wave of putrid air hit them as they steppped inside a mix of stale cigarette smoke and putrid seawater.

"Ew" his meister grumbled, shrugging him off and pushing the button for the third floor.

The ruse they had put up in the lobby dropped like a stale piece of bread.
The door failed to close, his meister pushed the button impatently again.
He watched  her as she leant the control pannel over to see more clearly.

When the hell had she gotten hips?breasts for that matter too. 'Its probbly just a trick of the light he told him self. 'your tired and most likely halucanating.'

His meister began to kick the door with her booted foot.
In exasperation he pulled her gently back by her collar, silently praying she would'nt turn on him.

She whirled around leaning against him, she spoke voice muffled by his chest.
"Ugh the door wont close , I wanna go to sleep!"

She was pressed up against him closer than they had been in the lobby. He tried not to care. "Ohhh but you do, dontcha kid wanna feel all that under yo- Cut that shit out!" He mentally growled

"Whatever you say ...stud!" Little Oni cackled, obvously amused by his plight.

He leand around her gently thumbing the cracked plastic, figuring the 10th time might be the charm.

The door gave a groan and began to close shuddering to a start, finally moving.
"Thank shinigami-sama."  she mumbled into his jacket sliding her arms around him.
"Maka Im not going to carry y-nuh jus shut up I’mm tired. Her breath was hot on his neck sending a stray shiver down his spine. Defanitly hallucanating maybe she knocked you out and your dreaming .....yeah thats totally possibe. He dimly heard Little Oni snicker.

She was grumbling somthing at him but it was hard to focus as her lips moved a hairs breath away from his pulse. The hair on the back of his neck stood up like hed stuck his finger in an eletrical socket. Why norw of all times he wonderd absently glancing down at the top of her head.  She yawned into his neck sending another shiver down his spine when she exhaled softly.

He  tilted her chin so he could hear her better. Her eyes were hooded in sleep, a facmile of seduction. She sniffed a little her eyes drooped even farther, she mutterd somthing unintelagable to him.
It was too easy -too much to resist.

He closed the distance between them  making the excuse that if he was asleep and or hallucnating he might as well do what he wanted.

He kissed her softly she was barely awake now but seemed to get what was going on if shivering was any indacation. Her hands ran up his back slowly. He grazed her bottom lip with his teeth careful not to cut her.
She sighed mumbling as he kissed the side of her mouth that ‘It wasnt a true loves first kiss if one person want awake.’

He kissed her anyway, she taisted faintly like cinnamon, he realised she had been chewing gum and had swallowed it due to his….efforts . She made a face, and to him it was kinda ...cute in her way.

He smirked into her neck. She weakly shoved him too tired to do anything about his glee over the hum of soul resonance. The elavator had long since arrived at their floor finally opend with a shuddering groan.

She played dead against him, he sighed and grasped her thighs hoisting her up like a child insted of the 17 year old she was.

Her ankles crossed at his waist, arms laced around his neck.
He suddenly rememberd that the key card was in his front pocket glacing down at her he shifted her holding her up by her rear and he dug around in his pocket.

She giggled sleeply nuzzing into him. He shut his eyes trying not to think to hard about the impacations and how many ways he could-he groaned loudly too tired to proverbialy dig himself any deeper.

He hoisted her up higher and manuverd them out into the hallway, it had been a long night.

He found he didn’t mind too much, this time.


Smooth criminal soul eater fan fiction

Smooth Criminal
Fandom:Soul Eater
Paring: SoulxMaka
Rated: M

Ok kiddies I'm posting this quick and dirty .....seriously  NSFW and I'm sorry for any major spelling errors I'll fix it if you tell me. Comments are apprecated....though i doubt I'll get any. I wanted to do somthing a litlle out of the norm .....this may have been done before but then again I'm new to this fandom so correct me if I'm wrong.

Dedacated to:  http://sleepmarshes.livejournal.com/  because shes that cool. Cheer up kid and get better soon.
I hope you like this......I'd originally decided to post something a little more innocent but then well......>_>



"You've been hit by-you've been struck by a smooth criminal"

He watched her silently from the kitchen doorway, bare feet shifting in the plush carpet as he sized up his target.
She had evadently gotten up to make their breakfast, like she aways did on the weekends. 

She wore an old threadbare tshirt of his and-she turned towards the window still failing to notice him. She stretched -red and black striped underwear revealed in the morning light.

He watched with intrest the way her back arched as she raised her arms above her head and the way her firm rear tightend as she stood on tiptoe. The light pouring from the window set her form on fire in a soft glow. 

As he stalked towards her he wonderd how anyone could refuse this sight. 'Not me' he silently decided, wrapping an arm tightly around her waist and clamping a hand over her mouth.

She startled against him, his hands ghosted over her breasts. she thrashed against him  inadverntly grinding up against him.
His hand strayed lower lithe fingers slipping under striped cotton. 
She shook as he stroked her sex, a strangled moan against his hand caught his attention.
He slid his hand off her mouth firmly grasping a breast.
"S-soul...dammit ..No-St-stop!"

A blush had spread from her face to the back of her neck, he bit the soft skin on the side.
Another moan trampled its way out of her mouth.

He stroked the soft button of flesh in quick through movements.He licked the side of her neck lathing over the indention's his teeth had made. She cringed small noises escaping from her tightly clenched jaw. She shuddered under his touch unable to attempt to fight him off.

The fire alarm began to blare sending the relitive calm morning atmospere into chaos startling both of them. He detached himself from her. He crushed the annoying plastic device under his fist. then strode to the stove picking up the frying pan in passing and setting it in the sink, walking from the room.

She leaned against the counter trying to coach her heaving breaths and blush to a manageable level.


'He'd touched her like that and she'd made those sou-'
She groaned smakcing her forehead aginst the counter top.
"You ok in there Maka?"  An amused male voice wonderd aloud from the couch.

".......and she ran into the bedroom............."

(quotes are from Alien Ant Farms version of Smooth criminal)

Which famous or infamous historical person would you bring back to life, and why?

I Would bring back Motzart, Elvis ,Selina and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Because as much as everone else would bring back MJ
I think we need the old greats back in our lives ......imagine for our younger genaration to be able to hear love me tender live .....and an opera from motzart himself ......Selina  because i remember watching the movie about her life and crying every time she died.Her music was beautiful and it makes my mother in law so happy to hear it because she listens to it and relives her younger days......emerson because the world needs trancendentalism ....we are full of ourselves and rooted to a place if we had emerson the world might learn to love and care for eachother again ...even if his theory is incomplete.